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Our school has always been full of life and educated many great people. Every single student may develop their skills in the area they are interested in. But the institution is not only studying. It organizes different competitions making the process of learning more enjoyable.

English and American Poetry and Prose Competition
for high school students from Płock province.

English and American Poetry and Prose Competition 2003

Every year in spring at our school a competition for the best recited piece of literature in English takes place. The participants must present a poem and a piece of prose in English in time no longer than 10 min. The jury estimates phonetic correctness, intonation, artistic impression and the selection of the texts. The aim of the competition is to encourage students to read foreign literature as well as develop language skills in a practical way. The participants get certificates and the winners precious prizes.

The first edition of the competition took place on 14 April 2003.

English Singing Competition

English Singing Competition

Every year in January a competition for the best performed song in English is held. The jury estimates not only proper English pronunciation, but also artistic impression, vocal skills as well as the rendition. The participants may present one song a cappella, with playback or a band. The aim of the competition is to motivate students to learn foreign languages using enjoyable methods. It proves that learning languages does not have to be difficult and boring, but can bring joy and is very practical, it enables students to present both their language and artistic skills.

English Days in Małachowski High School

As 26th September is celebrated as the European Day of Languages, our school decided to organize a few English contests from 27-29 September 2004. Firstly, The General English Quiz was organized and covered the students' knowledge of Great Britain and other English-speaking countries. Secondly, our students engaged their art skills taking part in both Poster and Project Competition. Finally, The Award Ceremony followed - the prizes were handed in and the winners of the English Days Competitions received special certificates.

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