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Minstrel, the school choir was established in October 1992 by Mr Sławomir Gałczynski, the music teacher. Since there was no music equipment at school, an acappella group was founded. Choir singers were the only and the most important element needed that was why Mr Gałczyński started the auditions. At the very beginning 30 singers, 20 girls and 10 boys, worked mainly on scout, tourist and other well-known songs to learn how to use their voices. Because there were to be three voices, Mr Bogdan Marciniak and then Mr Adam Matyszewski and Ms Eliza Łochowska helped to run the group.

Minstrel is invited to take part in various types of events and it organizes concerts by itself. There are about 36 of them each year. December and January seem to be the busiest months for the choir when Christmas carols concerts are performed together with Płock Symphonic Orchestra and other bands.

Each year, training courses are organized to improve the vocalic abilities of the singers and to work on the new repertoire. These courses take place during holidays, therefore the students are not burdened with studying and can concentrate on their singing. During the last ten years, the members of the choir participated in the following courses:

1994 - Krynica Górska, Poland (44 participants)
1995 - Kudowa Zdrój, Poland (51 participants)
1996 - Krynica Górska, Poland (56 participants)
1997 - Zatwarnica, Poland (47 participants)
1998 - Suwałki, Poland (29 participants)
1999 - Greece (44 participants)
2000 - Greece, Cyprus, Israel (42 participants)
2001 - Czech Republic (83 participants)
2002 - Spain (57 participants)
2003 - Chroatia (40 participants).

The constant hard work proves that the choir is still developing its abilities. In 1997, Minstrel was placed third during the National School Choirs Competition in Bydgoszcz. A few months later, the choir achieved similar success during the International Choir Competition in Darmstadt, Germany. The tenth anniversary was celebrated by the choir record, where there were 24 songs, both old and modern ones. The record was prepared thanks to the cooperation with Mr Jarosław Domagała and Płock Symphonic Orchestra.

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