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Famous Students

For the years of its existence the School has had a lot of eminent teachers and pupils. The first to be known by name was "Vitalis Scholasticus sancti Michaelis" mentioned in the records of the year 1249. Included among the more renowned are: St. Andrzej Bobola, Jan Ch. Albertrandi & the 1st President of the Friends of Sciences Society, Wojciech Szweykowski - the first Rector of the Warsaw University and others. Among the interesting alumni were: the blessed Honorat Koźminski, Witold Zglenicki - the discoverer of petroleum reserves in the Caucasus, Marcin Kacprzak - the Rector of Warsaw Medical Academy, Jerzy Pniewski - professor of the Warsaw University, the head of Experimental Physics Institute, and among our contemporaries - Tadeusz Mazowiecki, the first post-communist prime minister.

Andrzej Bobola

St. Andrew Bobola (1591 - 1657), a school teacher in the years 1633 - 1635.

Hipolit Gawarecki.

Hipolit Gawarecki, a former student, a lawyer and an activist of the school's Scientific Society; pioneer of regional history studies.

Tony Halik

Tony Halik (1921 - 1998), a school graduate, a RAF pilot, a traveller, a journalist, a member of "The explorers club", the author of a TV series "Pepper and Vanilla".

Edward Jurgens

Edward Jurgens, a school graduate from 1850, a patriotic activist, propagator of the ideas of organic work.

Szymon Kossobudzki

Szymon Kossobudzki, a doctor, a surgeon, a publicist and a poet.

Florentyn Koźminski

Florentyn Koźminski, the future Father Honorat, proclaimed a blessed by Pope John Paul II, a school graduate from 1844.

Ludwik Krzywicki

Ludwik Krzywicki, a school graduate, a remarkable activist of the Socialist movement, considered the main theoretician of the historic materialism, author of numerous scientific publications.

Ignacy Lasocki

Ignacy Lasocki, a priest, a publicist, and a social worker, a school graduate from 1878.

Tadeusz Mazowiecki

Tadeusz Mazowiecki, alumnus 1946, a democratic opposition leader, the advisor of "Solidarność", the first non-communist prime minister in the communist region.

Ignacy Mościcki

Ignacy Mościcki, school student, author of over 60 works and over 40 patents in chemistry, the President of the Republic of Poland (1926 - 1939).

Witold Zglenicki

Witold Zglenicki, a school graduate from 1866, an engineer and a geologist who discovered a new way of drilling oil from the bed of the Caspian Sea.

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