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Welcome to the homepage of Marshal Stanisław Małachowski High School, the oldest school in Poland, known as "Małachowianka".

If one wanted to experience the atmosphere of the times when the school became the inseparable element of Płock, they should move back to the year 1180 when Bishop Wit settled the Regular Canons of Czerwińsk under abbot Fulkold and in compliance with the injunction of the Lateran Council and the synod of Łęczyca a trivium school was established. Today, in the charmingly beautiful panorama of primeval Płock, the historic capital of Masovian dukes and a dwelling of Polish kings, it is impossible to overlook the characteristic 15th century Gothic Tower of the school. In 1980, it was topped with a glittering in the sunlight dome of a school astronomical observatory. This unique bond between what breaths with remote past and what is fresh and new seems to take on a symbolic dimension: it denotes the need for a ceaseless link between the present and the past. The fascinating history and unique beauty as well as the teachers' and students' great fondness for the school are best expressed in the words of this poem:

    Down by a great river in a Piast Town
    You were shrewdly preserved by time
    Today you testify: "Here centuries speak"
    And in us all the beams of your light gleam

                                                    Jan Chojnacki

Now, let us invite you to a short trip through the past and present of "Małachowianka".

Liceum Ogólnokształc±ce im. Marszałka Stnisława Małachowskiego
ul. Małachowskiego 1, 09-400 Płock, Poland
tel. (0..24) 366-66-00, 366-36-00
fax (0..24) 366-36-01

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